Mike Boudet - Podcaster and Internet Marketing Professional

Mike Boudet

A podcaster, audio engineer, and Internet marketing professional, Mike Boudet leverages a diverse skill set to host the Sword and Scale podcast. A true-crime Internet radio show, Sword and Scale examines criminal acts and the subsequent response from the justice system. Combining interviews, testimony, and recorded evidence with dynamic sounds and musical effects, Mike Boudet challenges listeners to look more deeply into each story.

Mike Boudet gained experience in podcasting during his time with Answer Hunt, LLC, a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing business he founded in 2006 that integrates SEO best practices and quality content to drive traffic. He has also facilitated SEO and pay-per-click advertising at a variety of other companies.

A former Internet marketing manager with Global Personals and Motorola, he has concentrated on improving click-through rates and generating sales. A graduate of the audio engineering program at Miami-Dade College, Mike Boudet went on to study at Georgia State University and Florida International University. A Microsoft certified database administrator, he holds certifications from Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, and Marin Software.